Alberta Beat Down V

Alberta Beat Down V is just around the corner! With only a month until Edmontons largest tournament series, we felt it was time to let everyone know just what we've cooked up so far for the event.

Special guest! Fans of Super Smash Bros WiiU will be excited to know that both the 2nd and 3rd placing players of this years EVO tournament (the super bowl of fighting games) Nairo and MR.R will be showing up to show Edmonton what they got! But thats not all, Canada's best placing Super Smash Bros WiiU player Ally will also be attending. He is known as the master of Mario and was world renowned as the best Super Smash Bros Brawl player! Not to be left in the shadow is a showdown between Albertas top Project Melee player Odds will be facing the legendary TL Denti and his fearsome ivysoar! 

Finally we are going to be having a $500.00 bonus pot for our Super Smash Bros WiiU tournament!

But for those who love Ultimate Street Fighter IV, Ultra Marvel vs Capcom 3,  Blazblue Chrono Phantasma: Extend,  Pokemon OR/AS,  Mortal Kombat X and many other fighters, will be at this event. So don't miss out. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE!

Edmonton Gamers is proud to announce that we Aphicans, BigD, Victra and Kuraudo will be heading to EVO this year to represent Team Edmonton Gamers. The pools are stacked and the hights are very high to climb. Lets cheer them on in the worlds largest fighting game tournament goes down on  JULY 17-19, 2015.

New Megaman Cartoon?

So it looks like a company called "Man of Action is going to take up the job of making a new megaman cartoon. While the fanboy in my wants to scream FINALLY, and go off on how we "might get a new game' I am forced to hold off on that. I love Megaman, I can't think of a series I have had more fun playing than this one. I enjoyed the complex platforming and the music that game with the NES series and especially the Snes X series. But lets take a moment here to think, this will either go really good or hilariously bad. We've seen the 1990's cartoon like this

To be blunt most of the time It was less than desirable. With points that were good and points that were just, well, bad.  Some and I do mean SOME episodes made you really see a sort of Pinocchio effect with Megaman as he literately wanted to become a real boy. That being said, for the most part the series was sort of a big joke.

Not long after that a (atleast in the US) was yet another series called Mega Man: Upon a Star"   which featured a art style that was more akin to the video game that birthed the series to begin with. While the art style was on point, the story telling was again a bit all over the place. For the most part it felt like a huge "Japan is awesome" awareness video. Not that I hate it, just that it seemed to focus more on that than anything else. Wily almost felt like he was still too cartoony. I realize that it's a cartoon meant for kids, but so was Gargoyles, it always felt like it was progressing rather than feeling like a filler.
Finally, and while I know this isn't really a cartoon series, there was a OVA attached to the game "Mega Man Maverick Hunter X" called  "The Day of Σ", or "The Day of SIgma". All I have to say about this is WOW! Everything from the style they choose to go with, the pacing of the story, the moment where Dr.Light is putting X to sleep. The feeling of loathing and jealously that Sigma develops. I mean that word "develop" it is pretty well what this video embodied. It showed how X grew into being what he had to be in the very first game. It showed how Zero was from his first time being encounter by Sigma, every thing convolved and left you with a deep feeling of who and what the Megaman series is and the struggle they face with each new game.

Now what is my point in all this? Well to be honest, I want a Megaman series that isn't like the North American cartoon  of 1994 or that horrid representation in Captain N we were subjected to. I'd like it to appeal to the fans who've followed the series for almost 30 years. Imagine if you can, a Megaman cartoon series that told the story for what happen to Roll, Rush, Protoman, Bass and Megaman. Where are they? Why are they not in the X series? Why did Dr.Light put X to sleep.

That is the story we could all watch and feel like we got a better and more complete understanding of what happen to these characters. If not that, then perhaps look into the Megaman comic books and base the story around that. Even that would be acceptable. Anyhow, that was just my take on this whole thing and I hope to hear what you guys think. Feel free to share your thoughts. 


The Misadventures of Tron Bonne 

This $250 Game Just Hit PlayStation Network For $6! Wow! PS1 sleeper classic The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is now on the North American PSN Store!

Fire up your PS3, PS Vita, or PSP and grab it for six bucks!

UNTIL TODAY, IF you wanted to play the PlayStation 1 classic The Misadventures of Tron Bonne legally, you’d have to hit eBay and shell out a whopping $250. This spin-off of the Mega Man series, an action-adventure game starring one of the series’ more popular antagonists, has finally been re-released as a PSone Classic for $5.99. Once you download it, you can play it on PlayStation 3, PS Vita, or PSP. Which raises two questions: Can we have the rest of the Mega Man Legends games on PlayStation Network, too? And will Sony ever get PSone Classics running on the PlayStation 4?

Battlefield 4

Battlefield Hardline does something new and the unique game modes are actually fun from day one. The progression curve in multiplayer is tilted towards circumventing the bad starting weapons, so the easiest way to win is to pay for the Deluxe Edition ACW-R or to play Hotwire until you can buy the strongest weapons. After that, Heist and Blood Money will be a breeze, especially if you buy the K10 and the Armored insert combined with Gas Masks and Gas Grenades.             

The weapon licences take way too long to unlock and the faction weapons are distributed in favor of Criminal Operators, Cop Mechanics and Criminal Enforcers. 

RPG Trunk Upgrades for cars makes the car chases in Hotwire less enjoyable and the tactical map control is thrown out of the window. It is instead best played riding shotgun with the repair torch and a 40mm noob tube. This is awkwardly the best way to rank up and you can even play it with one hand. The singleplayer has some nice missions, but in the end it is too easy and the enemy character models are too similar to warrant the excessive use of uninspired takedown animations. With a lack of interesting stealth weapons (such as sleeping darts), the guns blazing approach becomes much more attractive.

But this is pretty counter intuitive for a cop crime drama and it simply feels like you are playing against the Mirror's Edge AI with a Call of Duty loadout. With some multiplayer rebalancing of the obvious top weapons and some spawn fixes for TDM, Hardline could easily have gotten an 8 from me. If they had let us play the singleplayer as a dirty cop and double cross the entire cast of characters with cunning force, I could even have given the game a 9. But sadly it places us in the familiar shoes of the "rookie" good guy who gets shafted by the more interesting characters while the plot twitches almost as bad as the terrible motorcycles we get to drive in Multiplayer :)

Dean (Duskbringer) Logan

Club Nintendo No more?

It seems that Club Nintendo will be no more as of the end of July 1, 2015. Nintendo has plans for a new program, but what that is we have no idea. While some people may think this is a bad thing, it shouldn't be looked at as such, as Nintendo is showing a " small token of appreciation" by giving everyone of their club Nintendo fans a digital copy of  Flipnote Studio 3D in February 2015.

While I personally never gave the game a second thought, I am sure                                             we can all agree it is a nice gesture.

                                          Nintendo goes on to say that they will increase the number of                                                       downloadable games for this Club Nintendo year in hopes that people                                           will make use of it. So lets enjoy the good ride while its here and look                                           forward to their new program as Club Nintendo, for what it was, was                                             great.

Triumph or  2014 Smash Edition Online Wii U Event! Results

A exciting contest of wits and wills took place a few weeks ago where players from all over the world competed in a online Super Smash bros Wii U tournament with a grand prize of $500.00. The winner taking all, every hit every stock mattered, but at the end of it all it was ZeRo who rose above a staggering 220 player tournament to come out the victor.

All the matches and results can be found underneath please feel free to check them out 

1st: ZeRo (Fox, Diddy)
2nd: Mr.R (Captian Falcon)
3rd: AllyKnight (Mairo Diddy)
4th: Nairo (Pit)
5th: Jtails (Diddy)
5th: Cyve (Diddy)
7th: Mr.E (Marth)
7th: Lazyboredom (Little Mac)