Club Nintendo No more?

It seems that Club Nintendo will be no more as of the end of July 1, 2015. Nintendo has plans for a new program, but what that is we have no idea. While some people may think this is a bad thing, it shouldn't be looked at as such, as Nintendo is showing a " small token of appreciation" by giving everyone of their club Nintendo fans a digital copy of  Flipnote Studio 3D in February 2015.

While I personally never gave the game a second thought, I am sure                                             we can all agree it is a nice gesture.

                                          Nintendo goes on to say that they will increase the number of                                                       downloadable games for this Club Nintendo year in hopes that people                                           will make use of it. So lets enjoy the good ride while its here and look                                           forward to their new program as Club Nintendo, for what it was, was                                             great.

Hour of Apocalypses 

Edmonton Gamers is proud to announce that we are going to be doing yet another online event. Only this time we are stepping things up with a $1000.00 prize to be split up between 1st 2nd and 3rd. Click here for more info

Triumph or  2014 Smash Edition Online Wii U Event! Results

A exciting contest of wits and wills took place a few weeks ago where players from all over the world competed in a online Super Smash bros Wii U tournament with a grand prize of $500.00. The winner taking all, every hit every stock mattered, but at the end of it all it was ZeRo who rose above a staggering 220 player tournament to come out the victor.

All the matches and results can be found underneath please feel free to check them out 

1st: ZeRo (Fox, Diddy)
2nd: Mr.R (Captian Falcon)
3rd: AllyKnight (Mairo Diddy)
4th: Nairo (Pit)
5th: Jtails (Diddy)
5th: Cyve (Diddy)
7th: Mr.E (Marth)
7th: Lazyboredom (Little Mac)